Road map:

- Creation of gaming directions and auctions on smart contracts / open statistics for fair play.
- Launch of an international level exchanger

- Launch of own Payment system

- Launch of an international level cryptocurrency exchange.
- Launch of bookmaker on smart contracts.
- Launch of own cryptocurrency of new generation with full infrastructure

4 types of linear bonuses
in affiliate program
linear bonus from partner's packages
from 30% to 90%
LINEAR from acquiring shares
by your junior partners
from 15% to 31%
Webinars and Support
open company earnings statistics
10 gift tokens of our cryptocurrency
for each share you buy
Regular promotions
with valuable prizes

if a company earns $ 100,000 per month - 80% is distributed between holders of shares, for example, shareholders bought 150,000 shares, respectively, company divides $ 80,000 by 150,000 shares, this is $ 0.533 per share, if you have 416.66 shares (that's the amount of shares you can buy on $ 500 at a price of $ 1.2 per share) you will receive $ 222.08 from the distribution. A distribution of company profit is made every month

Venture fund of new generation. It gives every participant a lot of opportunities to increase your income.
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