Road map:

- Creation of gaming directions and auctions on smart contracts / open statistics for fair play.
- Launch of an international level exchanger

- Launch of own Payment system

- Launch of an international level cryptocurrency exchange.
- Launch of bookmaker on smart contracts.
- Launch of own cryptocurrency of new generation with full infrastructure

binar overflows
4 types of bonuses
in affiliate program
linear bonus
from 5% to 20%
quick start bonus
from 250$ to 10000$
volume bonus
10% of the total turnover of your structure
open company earnings statistics
10 gift tokens of our cryptocurrency
for each share you buy
Regular promotions
with valuable prizes and travels

The basic concept of company's products is complete openness and maximum benefit for both customers and partners. In our opinion, this is exactly what the current market lacks.

Venture fund of new generation. It gives every participant a lot of opportunities to increase your income.
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